Some Ideas for a Day of Vegan Meals

All the veg you need to get you started becoming a vegetarianWhen you first set your mind on becoming a vegetarian the task of transitioning over can be a little daunting. With a little planning and support you will be off and running in no time. Generally we subconsciously know what our diet should consist of because it has been trained for years by our parents, schools and the media. When you convert to vegetarianism you just have to retrain your brain. So to start off you will need to have a plan and organise your meals to make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients that you need. These topics are covered here and here.

There are of course many different kinds of vegetarianism; I am not vegan because I occasionally consume dairy products but the recipes below are based around someone that is vegan – you can swap in dairy products and maybe even have an egg on your toast for breakfast depending on the type of vegetarianism you are aiming for.

Often when people decide on becoming vegetarian they think that this means that they no longer have to watch their diet. This is entirely wrong being vegetarian can be highly calorific and unhealthy if you eat the wrong foods. Don’t bulk up on carbs, though they should be the main building blocks of your meals. It is also very easy to go overboard on dressings as well if you add too much fat in the form of oil. Another thing to watch for is relying too heavily on ready made meals. As with any food regime variety and moderation are the key.

On another note before we jump into the recipes your protein intake must come from a variety of sources to ensure that you are obtaining the right nutrients so each week you need to be using pulses, nuts, seeds, soya (we will debate that further), Quorn and wheat type protein.

And so without further ado, here is a vegan diet plan that I have put together for one day of vegan meals that will help you get the idea… just choose one item from each section.


Vegetarian Summer Breakfast
Vegetarian Winter Breakfast


Corn Chowder
Vegetarian Couscous Salad


Roasted Vegetable Couscous
Green Salad with Tofu Cakes


Snacking Tactics

Why not share how this worked for you or how your daily routine differs, so that others in the community can try those out as well…

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