Vegetarian Winter Breakfast

OatmealOn a cold winter’s morning there is nothing that I like better than a steaming hot bowl of oatmeal or Scottish porridge oats. My mum and grandma are probably turning in their graves as they always cooked theirs with salt but I prefer mine with a sweeter taste. You can change this up in lots of ways with different fruits, preserves or spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. Yum… a vegetarian winter breakfast delight!

On the Menu

A glass of Orange Juice

A bowl of Porridge/Oatmeal

Raisins or a sliced banana

To make the porridge:

1 measure oats

1 measure water

1 measure rice milk (you could use almond, oat or soya)

It’s then as simple as putting it in a jug or bowl and heating it up in the microwave. I usually cook it for 90 seconds then open the door to let the mixture calm down and then heat up for another 60 seconds. If you like you can cook in a pan on the hob/range for 3 to 4 minutes. I then let it stand for a minute before adding banana, raisins, honey or a little brown sugar and a dash of oat milk.

The porridge may or may not be wheat and gluten free… you have to be careful. Oats contain a type of gluten but it is not the same as wheat gluten but you may still be sensitive to it.

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  1. Very delicious vegetarian recipe. Very nutritious and I love it! I’ll make some it for my family. YUMMY!!

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