A Summer Vegetarian Couscous Salad

CouscousI am a huge fan of couscous. It is delicious and a great way of getting some carbohydrates and protein at the same time. Organic varieties are easily found now as well. If you have a wheat allergy you shouldn’t eat this as couscous is made from semolina which contains wheat gluten.

Ingredients for vegetarian couscous salad

55g couscous
Cucumber finely diced
A tomato de-seeded and finely diced
Half a courgette finely diced
Half a red onion
5g sunflower seeds, toasted
5g sesame seeds, toasted
1 tbsp olive oil
Some lemon juice
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Cooking Method

Soak the couscous in an equal volume of vegetable stock or hot water for 10 minutes. Then added all the other ingredients and stir together!

Once you’ve stirred it together you can eat it as it is, leave it in the refrigerator until later, or pack it up to go. This makes a great dish to take along to share at summer BBQ or a beach party, as it pairs very well with almost anything!

Nice and easy quick to make interesting food that excites the taste buds! See becoming a vegetarian is easy. Let me know what your thoughts are when you try this one out!

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