A Green Leaf Salad with Tofu Cakes

A picture of a packet of firm tofuWell yes, it is a Soya recipe and there are some concerns, issues and dilemmas surrounding its consumption. I’ll take that up in a separate post, in the meantime here is a decent savoury tofu cake recipe – for those that want to eat it!

For the Tofu Cakes:

150g firm tofu, drained and very finely chopped up.
1 potato finely grated
1 little white onion finely grated
30ml chopped parsley
30ml oil (sunflower/vegetable) and extra for frying/sauteing
75ml self-raising flour
150ml rice milk
dipping sauce of your choice sweet chili, ketchup…

Add everything together in a bowl other than the milk and sauce. Mix well.

Add the milk slowly whisking it in until you get a nice batter.

Heat up a frying pan until quite hot and spoon the mixture in to form small cakes.

Cook for 3 minutes each side.

Prepare salad with the dark green leaves and vegetables of your choice.

Serve with the dipping sauce.


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  1. Wow.. I love the green leaf salad with tofu!! Grr.. I can’t wait to taste it! Thank you so much for sharing this very unique and nutritious recipe.

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