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A basket of brown eggs

Types of Vegetarians – Ovo-Vegetarian

Ovo-Vegetarians eat eggs along with their diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, pulses and so on. The do not consume dairy products or meat of any kind. You will often find that Ovo-Vegetarians made their choice because they are lactose intolerant. There are of course always exceptions to that rule. I’ve been both an […]

Raw vegetarianism is on the increase.

Types of Vegetarians – Raw Vegetarian

Raw Vegetarianism is a rare form of vegetarianism, but it does have some following. In fact the increase in raw vegetarians has been considerable over the last few years. With this type of vegetarian, you can be either vegan or a vegetarian (lacto, ovo or lacto-ovo). I don’t think that I have ever considered becoming a […]

Types of Vegetarian – Vegan

Let me start this by saying that I am not Vegan, many of my friends and family are though so, I do have experience of the trials and tribulations of being Vegan. When deciding that becoming a vegetarian is something that you want to consider then depending, what the motives are behind the decision you […]

A picture of some delicious salad vegetables to try out when becoming a vegetarian.

Types of Vegetarian

There is a whole heap of varieties of vegetarianism. Depending on your stance, you may or may not agree with that last statement I just made. There is quite a lot of debate within the vegetarian community about whether or not you can class yourself as a vegetarian if you consume any part of an […]